My Favorite Rescources

(other than Woodcraft)

Horton Brasses



Horton Brasses is by far the best rescource for furniture hardware. The consistency and quality of their product is amazing. They specialize in carrying the critical period hardware that really puts the finishing touch on your project. They have also kept-up with the times by offereing many of their products with nickel plating.


I only buy hardware elswhere on the rare occasion that Horton Brasses doesn't carry it.



Downes and Reader Harwood



The majority of the wood I have worked with over the years has come from Downes and Reader Hardwood. They are a great company with a unique area for retail sales. Anyone can walk in and pick through a large variety of domestic and exotic hardwood. It's a great experience for any artisan to veiw the racks of hardwood and veiw a variety of species in their rough state.

Gurney's Saw Mill



Gurney's Saw Mill has been family operated since 1870. Six generations have built this business to where it is today. They specialize in pine and some oak. If you want your lumber locally sourced, this is the place to go. They saw it and kiln dry it on site from local trees and sell it rough or milled to standard dimensions. If you were wondering where the pine for you kit for any of my dovetailing classes cane from, it came from Gurney's.

Good Hope Hardwoods


Good Hope Hardwoods is the best specialty lumber rescource. The quality of the lumber they carry is beyond reproach and their pricing reflects that.